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IP Cores

Further Video Processing Capabilities

Image Processing IP Modules

RFEL benefits from an extensive IP library. Cores can be deployed on HALO, RFEL's video processing development platform, to help users find the best solution to their video processing requirements.

Digital Rotation
Digital Rotation offers an alternative to mechanical rotation hardware with state of the art digital processing. Many of the Digital Rotation IP core features can be configured while the system is still running, keeping the user fully in control. This module is reliable, maintenance-free and targeted to low-cost FPGA devices. 

Digital Re-sizing
The Digital Zoom IP module is a compelling solution in the field of image magnification. High-performance image processing systems can now crop and enlarge dynamically.

RFEL's Overlay IP module allows for fully custom overlays and a scalable number of layers and transparencies. It allows for pre-compiled or real-time generated overlays. 

Supporting Image Processing Functions
Within the RFEL Image Library of processing modules are supporting functions to provide the most efficient solution to specific requirements. These include: de-mosaicing, de-interlacing, cropping, frame buffer management, colour space conversions (RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2, HSV), interfaces to CameraLink, PAL/NTSC BT656, SDI, HDMI, GigE or specific detector chips.

For more information on RFEL's further video processing capabilities please contact info@rfel.com

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